Create Stunning Posts for Facebook Add Text to Photos Android Apps

The Android technology has introduced smartphones containing a wide variety of apps that cater to almost every walk of life. People can share photos and videos through these social media apps and also have an option of making photos creative and artistic to add text to photos, text or stickers apps. Some of the photo editor apps that help to write text on pictures to create stunning posts for Facebook are mentioned below:Add text to Photos Android Application

Add Text to Photos:
The add text to photos by Brilliant innovators lets users create funny photos, memes and inspirational business images to share over social media. The app has an easy to install a photo editor which helps to write text on pictures. You do not need to use Photoshop when you can add text to photos with this app. the app also helps to decorate images for special events such as valentine’s day, Christmas, ‘Eid, new year and all other events.

InstaQuote – Add Text to Photo:
The photo editor app is all about adding text in a variety of font styles available. The color of the font can be changed to match the photo. A wide range of stickers, frames and image are provided by the add text to the photo app to turn the simple images into something interesting to share with friends and family relatives. Also the background of the image can be changed to give the photo an element of surprise as well as filters are also available to add creativity and an artistic touch through the photo editor to the regular image. The write text on pictures app is a blessing for all who like to play with, giving effect to normal photos and it is a major hit among users worldwide.[adsense]

Eztext – Add Text to Photo:
The photo editor app is popular among people who want to add text to photos and likes to share the decorated image on social networks like Instagram. A huge variety of font styles including font colors are provided by the write text on pictures up to match the text according to the add text to photos. Text can be added in a number of ways like in the form of a quote or a caption, and also the text can be given 3D effects along with the image, a very interesting move by the photo editor app developers. Many filters, frames to modernize the regular image are available and to add a sense of creativity stickers and images can also be pasted on top of photos and stand out from the regular image. The white text on pictures app is a major hit among users and is widely used the world over.

Photo Captions – Insta Square:
As the name suggests the photo editor app is all about adding captions to the photo to make it look cool. There is a wide number of built-in caption to choose and write text on pictures from. The users can add their own captions to provide a little spice to an image. The app itself adjusts the captions like the size of the font and its placement on the image, which is an interesting feature proving very helpful for the user as extra time is not spent on the placement of text on the image and text or a quote is added in a matter of seconds. Another feature of the add text to photo app is PIP is inserting a picture on top of another picture to make it look extraordinary. The image can be shared directly on Instagram or other social networks. The white text on pictures app is full of features and is a must-have for all the users interested in adding text to photos through a photo editor.

When looking to write text on pictures you can download free add text to the photo app from Google Play store. These photo editor apps will let you place text on an image in a simple way without using a complex photo editor such as Photoshop.