Top Addictive puzzle Games for Kids Education

Word Search puzzle games are amongst the most played games worldwide. These addictive games android are available mostly for free on the Google Play Store. The addictive games will check your puzzle-solving skills, sheer reflexes and trivial knowledge. The blog rounds up some of the most addictive word search puzzle games that you can play for free.puzzle games for kids

Word Search:

Word Search is a free addictive sliding word search puzzle game perfect for word enthusiasts. One of the most addictive games android, it is a brain teaser and is about searching words in English language. If you want to improve your memory to sharpen your brain with brain teasing puzzles in mind, consider playing this game. The game works best to challenge your friends with a mind skill test. You can test your mind skills by playing the game for free.
The game is perfect for the players looking to train their mind with logical thinking. One of the most addictive games android works well for people of all ages adults and children included.


Wordament is an online-only multiplayer word search puzzle game which helps in competing against your opponents for spellings. Use the swipe feature in the game to connect with letters in different directions such as diagonal, horizontal or vertical for scoring points. It all depends on how often you can find the word. Rotate the game board to see different combinations, the letters placements in relation to other letters. You can add a facebook and xbox account to track the progress of your friends for moving up the leaderboard. The game also includes ads for gamers to stand out from the rest of the addictive games android.[adsense]

Words with Friends:

Words with Friends is a favorite word search puzzle game of many word search game players. This is one of the oldest addictive games android puzzle available as it was introduced in 2009. You can start the word search puzzle game by putting an alphabet on a center tile to build words. Fans of the classic Scrabble board game will find many similarities of this game with Scrabble, mainly including the double and triple word scores. You can also swap the unwanted tiles in this addictive games android to build a dictionary about the words you can or cannot play.
When playing a word, you are proud of, you can share a picture of the game board through an option in the game menu. The game also features an option to remove ads but for that you will need to pay $12.38. You are therefore better off dealing with the ad that pops up after a turn.

Snap Attack:

Snap attack is a quality Scrabble like word search puzzle game. This is one of the most addictive games android with a twist. Instead of taking turns against your opponents, by creating words at a time, the game gives you 2.5 minutes, 7 letter tiles and a board with two words. You have to place the letter tiles on the board as words to rearrange them as many times as possible within the limited time. Snapchat also rewards points the same way Scrabble does. Tiles are assigned a number and the board has multipliers in the form of double or triple word and letter scores.


Check out the word search puzzle games to enjoy yourself. You can not only improve your brain functioning such as logical thinking and memory, but can also have several hours of entertainment all for free. Some of the addictive games android include in-app purchase but the basic version includes enough entertainment and word search puzzles to keep you hooked for several hours.