How To Stop Unwanted Software And Toolbars From Being Installed On Your Computer

When a new program is installed on your computer, so many unwanted software and toolbars etc. become also installed. Not only spoil your computer’s settings, but also in the web browser toolbar irritation is visible, and change the search engines and also the homepage, as well as the use of computer memory. So this is the right way to avoid this, when install the program then read the instructions carefully and Unchecked the additional software box.Unchecky[adsense]I want to tell you the other the solution for this, a great software “Unchecky” is able to unchecked ad-ware found in programs it bundled with. Unchecky blocks the installation toolbars and other “sub-tags of” loaded with many set free software ”

Download link and installed it on your computer like any normal program. This software will run in the background of your computer, and whenever you install a new program will start, it will review its installer. If it will have no additional software or a toolbar option, then it will automatically unchecked it.