How to Boil an Egg so That The White and Yolk are Reversed

boil an egg with the yolk out

Eggs inside out, An unusual way of boiling eggs from a Japanese chef. How many egg recipes we know! Although, in fact, we use only two or three. And what an indispensable ingredient the egg is in baking! In this video you will see a rather unusual way of boiling an egg. And after all, someone would have thought that this is possible! Of course, preparation requires a certain amount of time and effort, but with the result you will undoubtedly surprise both household members and guests.boil an egg with the yolk outTry to decorate the festive table with such an egg somehow. Or, for example, to diversify breakfast, if, of course, there is both time and desire. We are sure that people around will not forget this, they will also tell their friends.[adsense]

How to Boil an Egg With the Yolk Out