How to Live With Low Blood Pressure and Feel Good

Blood Pressure

Get out of bed slowly to avoid morning attacks of vertigo. When you wake up, lie down quietly for a few minutes, then move your legs and arms in all directions. Watch your diet. Drink at least two liters of fluid daily, and eat small meals four to five times. Make sure that the diet is saturated with vitamins B, E, C. Avoid starchy foods, smoked meats, batter and other harmful foods.Blood Pressure

Practice vigorous physical activity. Participate in outdoor group games, arrange jogging, exercise in the morning. If you have doubts about your own endurance, consult a therapist first. In any case, do everything in moderation.
Do not get carried away with self-medication. 10-15 drops of tincture of ginseng root, eleutherococcus, Chinese magnolia vine and other natural adaptogens are capable of increasing the tone.[adsense]

Surround yourself with people you like. In the life of every person, the psycho-emotional component is extremely important. Explain your problem to relatives and friends, ask them not to accuse you of being too lazy and sleepy. Accept for yourself the fact that for a hypotonic person, the desire to sleep nine hours a day is an obvious physiological need. A delicate attitude from others will help you adapt to a normal life, significantly improving its quality. Good luck!