Amazing Online Multi Languages Computing Dictionary For Computer Learners

Computer-related some new word, or computer is not connected to anything else we hear about are. The website is a complete and informative web site. Being extremely simple interface with light mood and it’s quick. Do you know about the word, enter into the search field and click search. This website provides you the required information is so good that you will be away all questions in mind. For example “memory” when you write about this search information and provides other interesting things.

How To Work This Computing Dictionary:Foldoc Dictionary

1- Home button will return you to the dictionary’s front page.

2- Contents button will show you information about the dictionary and other ways to browse it.

3- Feedback button lets you send comments, questions or contributions to the maintainers.

4- Random button Takes you to a different randomly selected definition each time.

5- Search button Looks up the text you have entered in the box as described above.[adsense]


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