Superb And Useful Meta Search Site, A Collection Of All Good Search Engines

Dogpile is actually not a search engine. It’s called a meta searcher and it uses Google, Ask, Yahoo, and Bing to optimize searches. Most people just use Google as a search engine. But there are many things that Google does not find them, and then it gets frustrating. But for now there is a very good search engine … This search engine is special or that it is made by combining 3 search engines (Google, Bing and Yahoo. Dogpile is an award winning meta-search engine and some time provides considerably better results.Dogpile However, dogpile is a good search engine that does not flood you with ads. Nice Meta search technology use in this searcher, and the results from leading search engines including Google, Yahoo and bing. You have some control over what search providers you choose. Must try hope you  like this: