5 Must have Freeware Softwares For Electronics Beginners And Experts

The Schematica has been providing electronics shareware and freeware applications since 1997. Now and in the future Electronics is an important department which controls the physical world. Electronics is the branch of science and technology that deals with electrical circuit involving active electrical components. Below are 5 Must have Freeware software For Electronics testing tools.Schematica

1# 555 Timer Free:

555 Timer Free 555 Timer calculator with 4 modes -3 a stable and 1 monostable. Can set frequency and duty cycle (or pulse width) and can scale capacitors. Download free from :http://www.schematica.com/555_timer_design/555_timer_free.html

2# Resistor Color Coder:

Resistor Color Coder Very useful for determining the color codes or values of 4 and 5 band resistors. Now includes Surface Mount Device (SMD) Markings Evaluator and E-Series Resistances. Download free from :http://www.schematica.com/resistor_color_codes/resistor.html

3# Filter Wiz Lite:Filter Wiz Lite[adsense]Easy to use the active filter designer with 5 Approximations (including Elliptic) and 32 circuit topologies. Far superior to freeware/online calculators. eSketch compatible. Download free from :http://www.schematica.com/active_filters/fwlite.html

4# Font Picker:

Font Picker Font Picker provides a character map for each font panel. Clicking on a font character copies it to the Windows Clipboard. As well, the stated ALT numbers are shown for keyboard entry of special characters. Download free from : http://www.schematica.com/free_software/fontpicker.html

5# Bitrule:

Bitrule Much easier to use than other screen rulers and screen calipers. Obtain horizontal, vertical and diagonal distances, as well as the angle to the horizontal. Download free from : http://www.schematica.com/free_software/bitrule.html. If you like these freeware softwares then buy it shareware softwares and support Schematica company.