8 Amazing Writing Apps to Help You With Your Project


Starting with an important project is never easy because you have to maintain a good structure and avoid plagiarism issues as you implement certain public materials or quotes that must be there. It is a reason why using helpful writing apps plays an important role. Just install one of them and see how it can save some time and boost your creativity!

  1. Grammarly. It will help you to check your spelling and grammar free of charge unless you choose the paid version. It is easy and simple to install to keep your project safe from typos and repetitions.
  1. Reedsy Book Editor. This great app is the safest fit for your research project because it can help get things ready for publishing. Although it is meant for books, it is free and has all the necessary tools to keep everything stylish and clear. However, if you want to avoid plagiarism, check the Writing Universe to learn about the best tools that will help you to stay safe as you cite or use some multimedia sources.
  1. Plottr. This app is priceless when you want to outline your project and design the frameworks of what has been completed and what is yet to be achieved. You can build special scenes or parts of the project that you would like to highlight. It is one of the best tools for planning.
  1. ProWritingAid. It allows you to focus on your style, which means that you can learn how to avoid passive voice occurrences and so-called “weak phrases”. Of course, it will never replace a human editor, which is why it is much better to check GrabMyEssay review and see for yourself why writing apps still cannot guarantee perfection as you work with an important project.
  1. Readable. Consider it as a great AI-powered proofreading tool that will help to make your writing more readable as the name implies. The PRO version also provides SEO tools for web publishing.
  1. NaturalReader. This handy app will read your text and help you hear whether it sounds confident. It is one of the safest and affordable (it is free) ways to check your writing as the app will read it for you. It is also a great inspiration tool!
  2. Evernote. While this app is not a writing solution per se, it is an excellent note-taker that will help you save snippets of vital information for your project and set reminders that will keep you focused and aware of online meetings, scheduled deadlines, and much more. It has amazing expandability and export features that will fit any writing scenario.
  1. Reedsy Prompts. It is a great tool to boost your creative powers as it offers you a list of ideas when you only type some keywords. Even if you do not know what to write as of yet, it will provide you with hundreds of essay prompts on the subject or will assist with a story-writing approach.[adsense]

Show Confidence As You Write


The trick is to inspire your audience by showing what motivates you. If your readers can sense your passion, they will always reflect and follow your ideas eagerly. Read your writing aloud to check whether it sounds confident and remember using certain literary devices like metaphors and allegories. It will help make your writing more vivid!