Dealing With a Mental Breakdown in Student Life


It must be noted that a mental breakdown is never the same since there is no pattern or a set of rules that would fit every student’s life. Nevertheless, some elements will fit for those cases when a person is slowly returning to studies and hopes to maintain some academic schedule. The most challenging part is to find the motivation to continue and see that some progress is still there.

  • Do As Much As You Wish. When you have a mental breakdown, you do not have to stop doing what you have been busy with before (academic life, hobbies, and friends). Just do it differently and apply for guaranteed scholarships for mental challenges students, which will help you to feel safe about the financial side of things. Take one step at a time and do at least a little bit to keep your mind focused.
  • Add New Practices to Your Life. Even if you feel depressed and do not want to go back to your studies or living your usual schedule, it does not mean that you have to! Think about adding completely different practices to your life. It may range from becoming an exchange student in Latin America to learning how to play guitar or to draw. Just add something new and let the colors of your life finally change since you are just sad and exhausted!
  • Spend More Time Outside. Try to take short walks and spend more time outside to have a constant change of images in your mind. The worst thing is to sit stuck in your room or think about “yet another day” when you have a mental breakdown. You can start learning a foreign language or participate in a charity project by helping people all over the world. Alternatively, you can take a freelance job in editing and proofreading to keep yourself busy. Check Lets Grade It to see what tools may be helpful and explore the ways how you can become a better writer as well in case you want to write your feelings down.
  • Talk to Professionals. Do not suffer on your own and remember that you must turn to professionals if you are going through a mental breakdown as a college student. It is nothing to feel ashamed of because most of us are going through it in one form or another. Getting help is what will help you to pave the way to building up your life again!
  • Challenge Yourself. While it may sound unusual, challenge yourself by learning or even start with some project that you always wanted to explore. If writing feels too exhausting for you, check Top Essay Writing to handle your academic tasks while you focus on what truly inspires you. When you feel motivated and push yourself a little bit, you will definitely start to recover and heal.[adsense]

You Can Start Writing!


It may be a diary where you write down various things on paper or an online blog where you write as an anonymous writer to share your emotions and thoughts. The important aspect is to let it out and heal with the help of writing. You do not have to follow a certain pattern or an agenda, just write to your heart’s content and see how your feelings start to transform.