6 Things to Consider When Buying a Laptop


Several questions bug one’s mind while buying a laptop such as a price, display, storage, and various others. With a plethora of laptops at our disposal, it becomes rather difficult to settle for one. There is no single best laptop, however, when comparing a laptop’s features to your needs you find the one best suited for you.

Here is a list of features one should prioritize while purchasing a laptop. A laptop is a long-term investment for most people. Hence, buying the best one that suits one’s lifestyle and needs is a matter of great importance.


Processor (CPU)

CPU is the core of the laptop that defines its speed of processing any task in the system. A faster processor is what makes the system run smoothly. Most of the laptops in the market have either Intel or AMD. Even though both the brands give decent performance, it is hard to get past Intel’s advancement.

Intel Core Processor offers the best performance while multitasking. The laptops that have Intel are more expensive than the ones that run on AMD. If you are someone who wants a fast-processing laptop opting for Intel core i7 or Intel Core i9 is recommended.


Random Access Memory or RAM is what speeds up the processing of an application. A good laptop needs at least a RAM of 4GB to work smoothly. However, with the evolution of laptops having a laptop with 8GB RAM is the minimum you’ll need.

There are laptops with RAM of 16GB, 32GB, and beyond. It depends on the usage of the laptop that will help you decide the ideal RAM you need in your laptop. Along with the RAM size and brand, you must also take into consideration the DDR number. DDR signifies the transfer speed of your laptop. As of the latest, DDR4 is trending. However, DDR5 is going to drop in the market soon enough.


Textbooks still tell us that storage space is covered by the hard drive disks. However, as laptops have become thinner and more compatible to fit in our everyday lives, the storage space is now covered by SSD (Solid State Drive). It does not make the laptop bulky and works swifter and more silently than hard drives.

It is the standard storage for this generation laptops. SSDs are more expensive than hard drives, so a laptop with an SSD of 256GB or 512GB is costlier than a laptop with a hard drive of 1TB or 2TB. However, the introduction of SSDs has been life-changing and with it, you can perform tasks in a fraction of seconds.

Display & Build Quality

Keeping the internal matters aside, you must make sure that your laptop has good build quality and a level definition display. Laptops are a costly business, thus opting for one that is durable, made of aluminum, and resistant to dust and rain is important. MIL-STD-810G is the build quality you should look for in your next laptop.

A good display enhances your overall laptop experience be it browsing or entertainment, work, or gaming. Features like HD screen, anti-glare are noteworthy in a laptop. Buying a 1920×1080-pixel resolution (Full HD) should be considered the bare minimum while purchasing a laptop. 4K resolution laptops if graphic designing and video editing is your everyday business. The best build and display laptops are MacBook by Apple.

Battery Life

Another deciding factor while purchasing a laptop is its battery life. As a laptop is a portable device, it should have a decent battery life to sustain over a long duration of time anywhere you carry it. Manufacturer-quoted battery life is never true in the real world as a lot of variables affect your battery life.

However, good maintenance of your battery and never overcharging your laptop lets you hold onto the battery life for long. While purchasing a laptop the most you can do in regards to the battery life is checking the how many Watt-hours (Wh) or milliamp-hours (mAh). The greater the number, the better the battery life.

Customer Care Support

Purchasing your laptop is not all. There can be issues that arise after you start using it. In times like this, customer care is your lifeline. So, when it comes to the brand you are picking, make sure to know how good their customer support is. Dell has one of the best ratings when it comes to customer support whereas Asus and HP lag evidently.[adsense]

This list covers the important aspects to consider while buying a laptop. However, there can be more things like Operating System, USB, security, and warranty. These are secondary features that you must look into before buying your laptop. Make sure to tweak the laptop within your budget and do not completely rely on the specifications on paper.