6 Sport Watches to Suit Your Street Style Aesthetic

Your sporty outfits are often a fantastic way to experiment with your sense of style while having perfect functionality. In recent years, layered and baggy silhouettes have become street style trends. The street style aesthetic can be described as personal, comfortable, and athletic. Wide cuts, soft fabrics and athleisure-inspired clothing are a few common elements in street style clothing. This style is also great for those who enjoy accessorising and like making a fashionable statement.


The accessories that this style is known to incorporate are bucket hats, fanny packs, watches, and large sunglasses. These style elements come together to create a memorable ensemble that will easily catch the eye of passing onlookers. It is designed to inspire more trends, a sense of liberation, and expression in clothing. Donning the right sport watch is a cornerstone for the street style aesthetic. Therefore, for the perfect sporty and casual on-the-go look, having a sport watch in your accessory collection is a must. Let us look through some options below, one of which could be the perfect sport watch for your street style aesthetic.

Turn Heads in Silver

The street style aesthetic, as aforementioned, thrives best when embellished with trendy accessories all along the outfit’s silhouette. This sport watch is sure to catch every onlooker’s eye, as the all-stainless-steel look gives it a nouveau-riche touch for the modern fashionista. The small black dials complement this Multifunction watch with a silver dial and sturdy silver straps within the main dials that give it a luxurious touch.

Earnest and Earthy

This sport watch plays on the rugged and rough styles that have carved their niche into the forefront of fashion. The stitched finish on the brown straps is a design element that gives it an edge over most conventional designs. The dial is two-toned, with moss green and brown half uniting at the centre for an asymmetrical finish. The watch has a vintage feel due to the earthy tones and stitched straps but is endless urban in its approach to design.

Boosted in Brown

The brown sport watch in street style tends to incorporate a neutral tone to the more vibrant touches of the street style aesthetic. But there are no rules to fashion, and you can move away from the monochromes and neons to include the neutral brown watches, which are bulky and sporty for the perfect street look. This watch is digital, which makes it even better for your look, being a natural companion to the aesthetic.

The Monochrome with a Twist

The white sport watch is one of the most common and reliable ways to elevate a street style look. This watch takes it up a notch by incorporating a tri-colour dial that looks like the perfect accessory for every look. The dial is predominantly black but has a burst of white through the side and a touch of red on the small inlaid dial within the main dial. This mix of colours gives it the magnetic aura of a fashionable piece which is a must-have for your closet.

Chic in Green

Hipster-chic and street styles often overlap as they tend to borrow a few of the same types of asymmetrical silhouettes and unconventional colour schemes. This sport watch is a play on both, where the watch has a green dial filled with details and under the golden indices. The sleek watch then extends out into the beige straps, which have a crocodile-skin finish, giving it an unconventional look that will spruce up your street style look.

The Classic Companion

The black sport watch is often the first purchase most men make when they choose to go for a watch for their daily needs. It is a timeless classic for a good reason, owing to its versatility and functionality. This watch is one of the most popular designs one can buy to add that sporty touch to their street-style ensemble. The yellow that shines through the black dial in intervals is a wonderful play on the colour combination, making it a terrific addition to your watch collection.

The best way to spruce up your wardrobe on the days off when you are out on the town is to bring sporty and comfortable apparel into your wardrobe. These looks will make you look effortlessly cool and trendy no matter where you are. A good sport watch makes the perfect finishing touch for your street style aesthetic. The peppy colours and multifunction accessories make you look ready to take on the day in style. Fastrack is the ideal brand to approach when looking for a great sport watch for your looks.