Top Four Popular Android Applications for Fashion Lovers

Everyone wants to stay updated in the world of fashion. Like the other fields of life, things in the fashion world are always changing. From the dress, jewelry and mehndi, there are different trends against each. There are a number of apps available on android which will help you to stay in touch with the latest trends in each niche. Some of the popular apps for wedding dress design, jewellry design and mehndi designs are shared below:Fashion  Android Applications

1- Dress Design 2016:

tylish Dress DesignsStylish dress design by Brilliant Innovators features a collection of latest fashion design for girls. The app features millions of shalwar kameez designs for the year 2016. You can use this app to view the latest designs across the globe. It includes a wide variety of Shalwar Kameez, Men’s Kurta, wedding dress, Frock dress, Dulha Sherwani and other dresses for the different events.Everyone wants to look beautiful. From the girls wear to men’s kurta there is everything listed on the website. You no longer need to roam the market in search of different dresses. With the help of dress design 2016, you can check them all. The apps not only helps the locals but also the overseas pakistanis to check the changing trends and look for the trendy outfits for special occasions such as Eid, wedding, birthday and others.

2- Dress Design 2016:

Dress Design 2016Pakistan and India share same land once known as the sub-continent. Due to the almost similar culture, fashion and traditions, both nations wear salwar kameez. The women and men of both countries like to dress up in the stylish and trendy ways to look wonderful. If you are looking for the most fashionable dress to stand out on the evening, you can check the app.

3- Mehndi Designs:

Mehndi Designs 2016Mehndi Designs 2016 features the latest and updated henna designs. You can find new mehndi designs on everyday basis with mehndi design app. The app is developed By Brilliant Innovators. Using this application, you can also become a henna designer. Application contain mehndi designs for foot and hands. You can always zoom in and out of the mehndi designs to view different styles. You can also set different wallpapers to set the best mehndi designs on a smart screen.[adsense] The app is best for festivals such as Eid, weddings and other important events. You can bookmark your favorite mehndi designs 2016 to view them later in the browser. You can also crop the designs to set them as your screen background. The mehndi design app will also feature offline mehndi design accessible for users in the offline mode.

4- Jewelry Designs:

Jewellery Designs 2016Jewelry is also one of the most important accessories for girls. You can use this app to stay updated with the latest jewelry designs. From the gold, diamond rings and necklace, they have everything available. The app is the best choice for wedding rings, latest neck dn jewelry designs 2016. Some of the highlights of jewelry designs are shared below:

● Ring designs for occasions such as wedding, engagement and nikah.
● Necklace simple design.


Install the above-mentioned applications to stay in touch with the changing mehndi, jewelry and other dress designs. The mehndi designs, wedding dress designs and jewelry design apps are available for free!