Show your Clients you Mean Business with these 6 Men Watches

Owning a watch may often be dismissed as simply a functional necessity. Still, it is one of the most universally-relied non-verbal communication methods in formal spaces like the workplace. Communication and interactions in such spaces are strictly bound by formality and an underlying need to appear sophisticated and purposeful. Since time is of the essence and first impressions matter more in these spaces than others, it is especially important to look sharp and ready for any challenges that may come your way.


How you carry yourself in the workplace does not only matter in terms of making impressions on superiors and peers but also clients. The interactions that happen with clients can range from casual meetings to stressful negotiations. That is why it is always important to look your best. Investing in good men watches always goes a long way, as once the onlooker catches the glint on your wrist during a firm handshake, they know they are talking to someone who means business. It can shift the whole dynamic of an interaction effortlessly. Therefore, here are some options in men watches that can become a trusted companion to you in the workplace.

The Reliable Blue

Workwear watches are often considered slippery for those who wish to express their fashion sense in an understated manner. This watch is ideal if you are looking for a piece that can go with all your workwear ensembles, be it summer or winter. Men watches are often limited to black, gold, and silver hues, but this watch comes in a chic blue dial and straps of the same hue, broken through by a glossy silver case.

The Classic Multifunction

As aforementioned, many men watches are made in black and silver because it is one of the most easy-to-style accessories one can invest in. This watch is an all-black stainless Steel watch that can transform your look with just a simple touch. The watch may be common and easy to style, but it is also a special touch to add to your workwear attire to give it a sense of control and individuality in the workplace.

Enigmatic in Emerald

This watch is the perfect synthesis of style and class, combining some of the best trends in men watches and presenting a timepiece worth collecting. This watch can be styled with formal workwear that mostly ranges with business meetings, brunches and even negotiations over golf. It is meant to catch every onlooker’s eye with its stunning green dial with an inlaid design. This is complemented by the golden Stainless Steel straps, which echo the vintage style we know and love.

Mechanical Browns

Nothing speaks business in men watches like a mechanical watch that was made to inspire a sense of achievement and confidence within the wearer. This watch skilfully achieves the same by combining golden, brown, and blue tones into a wonderful timepiece meant to elevate your aura. The exposed mechanical gears that lay over a silver bottom and overlaid with glossy blue and golden tones are a sight to behold. The perfectly stitched leather straps offer a comfortable and durable fit for days you need to look your best.

A Boho Brown

This watch is an understated piece compared to the other options on this list. The model follows the monochromatic trends with various finishes, giving it a uniquely bohemian yet modern feel. This watch has a multifunction black dial overlaid with design patterns in a muted purple. The golden watch hands and indices stand out over the darker tones and shine through due to the simple brown fabric straps.

Sharp and Smart

It is not always necessary to follow the rules or stick to the basics regarding accessories and watches. If you are a risk taker who rarely colours within the lines, you might want to transition to smart watches. Men watches have now branched out to technologically advanced smart watches that can make you look sharp and ready for business. Complete with a Health Suite, Reminders, and workout modes, it is the perfect timepiece for the modern office goer.

It is important to remember that every meeting with a client or a prospective client establishes trust and a good rapport. A well-dressed employee who knows what they are after, especially knowing the value of time, will always end up with the client on their side. That is why donning good men watches can be an investment in many ways. Brands like Titan have curated collections and designs that are sure to inspire you into making that investment, so what are you waiting for?