13 Internet & Computer Practical Courses in Urdu Language Can Make Your Future Bright


A perfect place of learning computer & internet courses in Urdu. They provide quality Urdu tutorials about last 3 years. Onlineustad.com provide you the best practical courses in DVDs, and also they give you a long time support. It’s A to Z complete learning resources according to that course which you want to buy in DVDs.13-Practical-DVDs-Courses-in-Urdu-All Courses List consist full of practical examples and a ton of projects included in every course we offer, whether its SEO or PHP, you’ll find it perfect for your learning.

1- eCommerce Website in PHP (Urdu-Hindi),

2- SEO in Urdu.

3- PHP & MySQL in Urdu,

4- Make Money in Urdu (4 Ways).

5- HTML in Urdu,

6- WordPress in Urdu.[adsense]

7- CSS3 in Urdu,

8- Photoshop CS5 in Urdu.

9- JavaScript & jQuery in Urdu,

10- Dreamweaver CS5 in Urdu.

11- Blogger in Urdu,

12- Ms Excel 2007 in Urdu.

13- Ms Word 2007 in Urdu.

If you buy more than 2 courses, then  get special discount of 20%. In Pakistan, they send you the complete course in DVD which you want to learn. Overseas learners can purchase desire course and they will be sending you the links to download the course instantly from www.onlineustaad.com