WiHood Is A Symbol OF Next Generation Online Virtual PC

WiHood is a global virtual PC on a USB bracelet service for school children’s and itsĀ  mission is to “provide possibilities and opportunities from were there were none.” WiHood was established in August 2007 in Oslo Norway. They provide all children and families with the advantages that come from access to PC and Internet technology. Founder of WiHood Mr Thomas F. Anglero has World Technology Award for Social Entrepreneurship and in 2010 this origination won the “Viewer’s Choice Award.” So I suggest you if you have facility of WiHood in your country then tell your family or a friend about WiHood and all its benefits. Fill this Form to share and grow the WiHood community!Virtual-PC

Affiliate Program:
They offers a profitable opportunity for you to earn money while bridging the digital divide and protecting children on the Internet, you can easily earn $10 USD on every new subscriber, you refer. If you have a website or blog get benefit of its Affiliate Programs.

For more information and detail please visit company Website: www.wihood.com