Why Peoples Prefer Home Remedies Instead of Medical Treatment

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Treatment of home remedies is hardly ever used in the world today, in the confusion of the big cities. Pharmaceutical corporations have flooded pharmacies all sorts of drugs. It was a perfectly normal and practically everyday activity for many people a quick run to the pharmacy and buy medicine. Pharmaceutical companies have permanent billions in profits, as the price of medicines bite and are constantly growing. What medications are constantly advertised on television, such people acquire at pharmacies.Home Remedies VS Medical Treatment
A search for cheaper medicines, a selection of domestic analogue drugs are almost always fails. Marketing policy of large pharmaceutical groups designed for a continuous supply of tablets to the population and pumping money from the pockets of the masses of people. It should be a little to think about the effectiveness of drugs.[adsense]
The forums on the Internet are many reports of people who for years took a variety of pills, but healing has not occurred. Maybe the point is that the tablets the medicine struggles with the consequences of disease. Taking the pill, we remove manifestations of the disease, but the disease and the causes of its appearance remain. Medical Corporation is not profitable to fight the causes of diseases. Defeating disease drugs, we could not immune to its re-emergence as many causes of the disease remain with us in our body. In addition, it is worth noting that any chemical drugs have side effects, harmful to the digestive system, badly affect the condition of the liver and other internal organs of the body.