Always Run Your Applications as an Administrator Privilege

Run as an Administrator

When you are logged in on a Windows semi-password and password, Windows makes a unique set of Token, for this session. As long as you’re using Windows, this token remains with you. Apart from many other information with this token, information about your username and group it relates to. Whenever you perform any work in Windows, for instance, if you try to run a program, then through the same token, the Windows confirms whether or not you or the software are authorized to perform it.Run as an Administrator

In older versions of Windows, it was a problem that whenever you were logged in with the Administrator account, every program operates with administrator options. As usual text editor, email readers who did not need administrator’s rights, also run on Windows as administrator. There was a huge risk of walking dozens of applications with administrator options at once. This virus-programmable programs were able to easily cause windows to harm severely.

To deal with this situation, Microsoft introduced the User Account Control feature in Windows Vista. Due to this, when the administrator was now logged in, then one or two X tokens were made. An Excel Token, known as Standard Token, has options for all groups (such as Power Users, Users etc.) in addition to the Administrator, while there are options for all groups including the other X token. Standard access tokens are used as normal browsers, such as web browsing. Under this token, when someone is trying to do the job (such as a change in the registry) then the Windows refers to it immediately.[adsense]

Run As Administrator’s option is available in the right click menu so that if a program is running, administering the admin options, it can be run. In such case, Windows runs this program under the elevated trust token that has all the administrative options available. That’s why the program runs smoothly and uses administrator options.

This mechanism was a major change in the Microsoft Windows design. This not only helped save Windows from viruses and dangerous software, but Windows also got more stable. Although the user account controls a little bit of control over the users, but, despite Windows protection, it is advised that UAC should not be disabled to save Windows from dangerous software. However, if it is necessary to disable it, it can be done by typing “msconfig” in the RUN command with the help of Disable UAC, under anger and opening tool in the opening window.