Effective Remedies and Spiritual Process For Stinky Breath

Stinky Breath

It was estimated that there are nine people out of ten who are suffering Stinky breath (smell in mouth while breathing) problem. Moreover, four persons of these ten have constantly suffered the said problem. How it becomes cured? We can cure by aforesaid problem performing some of the process which will describe below. However, patients who suffered with the same don’t try to presently cure from it. Here we discuss some methods which are helpful to remove smell from your mouth while breathing process. Baking Soda will change the acidity level in the mouth and due to this bacteria will not produce more. Absence of bacteria will remove the smell from mouth. In earlier, peoples will generally clean their teeth pasting the baking soda in their finger mixed water. However, in nowadays, such toothpastes are available in the market in which baking soda included. It might be possible that smell in the mouth has another reason behind it.Tips for Stinky Breath

Reasons of Stinky breath:

Below mentioned are the main reasons due to smell in breathing will produce.

Gum Infection:

Sometimes, owing to some different reasons such as cleaning your teeth by force, or you may have stomach problems. If someone feels gum infection, then It is recommended to him to consult with dental surgeon.

Not properly cleaning teeth:

First of all, we don’t have the knowledge about suitable tooth paste for our teeth. We just use normal toothpaste and due to this game could be infected. Moreover, improperly cleaning will also cause of gum infection. Don’t apply too much force on the brush while cleaning.

Stomach Disordering:

Sometimes it might be seen that if someone suffering stomach disordering, then it would be a maximum chance that smell in his mouth will appear. So, it is another big reason of smell in breathing.[adsense]

Food Poisoning:

  • If someone suffered with food poisoning, then owing to this smell in breathing will occurs. So, eat only stomach friendly food to keep healthy breathing.
  • Food like Onion, Garlic, Coffee:
  • Some of foods like Onions, Garlic and coffee leaves his smell in mouth and comes out when the said person will breathe.
  • Remedies to Remove Stinky breath:
  • Cleaning of teeth by Baking Soda.

Extra Drinking of Water.

  • Eat Siya Zeera or Ajwain or Alaichi after meal.
  • Chewing of vegetables, which have left.
  • Eat Sugar.
  • Eat Sugar free Chew-Gum about 20 minutes.
  • Chew Mint, Long, or Sonf.

Spiritual Process For Stinky breath:

To finish smell from breathing, recite Sorah Al-Nasar in 1st Rukaat of Esha Prayer. Sarah Al-Lahab in second and Sarah Akhlaas in third rocket. This is guaranteed process for removing smell from mouth.