What Are the Minimum Deposit Requirements to Open A Pacific Union Account?

Customers can open the Following information with as little as 50 account money (HKD and/or JPY account currency equal to 50 USD) at PU Premier. A minimum deposit of 1,000 account currency (HKD and/or JPY account currency equivalent of 1,000 USD) was required for a Prime account. A minimum deposit of $20 was required to open a Cent account.

Pacific Union charges differ depending on the account type. With quotations straight from key financial intermediaries, the Prime solution offers the narrowest gaps. Trickles can be as low as 0 pips during especially liquid periods. On the Standard account, major currency pairs such as EUR/GBP and USD/CAD were provided at 1.9 pips and 0.4 pips, correspondingly. On the Prime account, gold was offered at 3 pips versus 2 pips.

On the broker’s website or within the trading platform UI, you can get a complete list of variations by product. On any transactions done through the Pacific Union Standard accounts, there is no charge. The majority of equity securities in the Prime account have a $3.50 charge per side. Although the broker does not levy an inactivity fee, exchange rates do apply to positions taken overnight. What is social trading: is a type of trading which is following the principles of 

A $50 or comparable currency deposit is required to open a live brokerage account with Pacific Union. Minimum deposits may vary depending on the accounts funding method and are prone to revision at the discretion of the owner and management company.

Pacific Union places a strong emphasis on fund security.

Pacific Union employs a repertoire of techniques to safeguard the protection and reliability of retail customers’ funds while also maintaining sector stability.

Pacific Union ensures that your funds are safe.

Client monies are held in a separate account that is controlled. Pacific Union’s self-operated funds are fully separate from customer monies. Client cash can be segregated without recourse from Pacific Union debtors even if the company is liquidated.

When you use leverage trading, you don’t have to invest the same amount of funds each time you trade. This allows gold bullion traders to increase the size of their bets and boost their future gains.

Optimum trading conditions

You can trade precious metals and other popular investment items at any anytime through a range of devices using Pacific Union’s sophisticated online trading platform, no issue where you are.

Pacific Union Account Types

Whether you’re a first-time investor, a well-known celebrity, or a seasoned financial specialist, Pacific Union has the ideal portfolio for you. Pacific Union offers reasonable spreads, experienced market research, and free trading education for all account types.

Pacific Union offers to invest in more than 200 capital markets. The terms of your account, such as rates and charges, will differ. Actually, what is social trade? If you want to know click on the link.

  1. The basic account

It’s an excellent option for beginners in international trade and investors who like to try out different trading tactics.

Access to the world’s most important markets in real-time;

Low spreads of as little as 1.3;

The first deposit is $50; the second investment is $100, and the third payment is $100.

There are no additional fees or administrative charges.

  1. Have a Prime account

For professionals ones who want to get the most out of the currency market, this is the finest option.

The spread can be as low as 0.0;

The handling cost is simply $7 per lot.

A $1000 deposit is required.

Trading signals and tools are freely available.

Metals of Precious Value

The Pacific Union’s gold and silver products have a spread as low as 0.8.Valuable metals have a high inherent worth due to their natural characteristics, making them one of the first forms of currency. Precious metals dealing, such as gold and silver, draws active traders due to their high liquidity.

 Economic and political events, such as those that affect the money markets, can have a substantial impact on the price of the aforementioned metals, causing their value to fluctuate. People regularly turn to precious metals for hedging when the market is uncertain, and gold is regarded as a good hyperinflation hedge.

Rolling contract trading

The holding time for rolling agreements is unlimited.

Price with a very low gap

Because of Pacific Union’s modest gold gaps (as low as 0.8), you can take advantage of additional spot metal market arbitrage possibilities.

Increase your leverage.