What Exactly Is Security as a Service? And How It Improves Cybersecurity

Security as a Service initialized as SECaaS is a cloud-delivered model for getting cybersecurity services from third-party companies. When companies start up, resources are usually limited. Hence most will have a small security team that protects the companies. After the company grows, it can decide to outsource the cybersecurity services to another company.

Some security providers will provide essential cybersecurity services like finding and eliminating threats, data loss prevention, and security breaches. Others will have advanced features to improve your company’s cybersecurity further. Some advanced features you might find helpful include automated incident response, machine learning, and near-real-time threat detection.

Cybersecurity keeps changing every time as malicious hackers come up with new tactics to cause harm to companies; hence getting SOC services can improve cybersecurity. Here is how security as a service can improve cybersecurity;

Providing Latest Security Tools

When you employ a SOC services provider to protect your company from any cybersecurity threat, they will use the latest cybersecurity tools. Threats in cybersecurity keep changing; when an anti-virus becomes effective in certain danger, malicious hackers create other viruses that may defeat the current anti-virus.

Security as a service provider will ensure that they have up-to-date security tools, and they will keep them updated to ensure that they can protect your business from any cyber attack.

Improved Email Security

One way that malicious hackers use to gain access to servers of specific companies is by sending emails with malicious content to workers of that company. If one of the workers clicks on the link or opens an attachment from such emails, the negative content will spread across the company’s system.

A SOC services provider will offer email filtering services that will reduce the number of malicious emails sent to your workers. They can also provide software that checks all emails and warns workers not to open specific attachments or click on links sent from suspicious emails.

Improved Data Security

Some malicious hackers are usually interested in obtaining specific information, such as private data belonging to a company’s clients, so that they can defraud or steal from them. Every company needs a robust data security system to ensure all private data belonging to customers remain in safe hands. A SOC services provider will use security measures like backups and data encryption to prevent data loss.

Regular Testing of Vulnerability

When you create a security system for your data, it is essential to ensure that the system is always strong and has no vulnerabilities. If your company uses an internal cyber security team, they might be overwhelmed by the ever-increasing work and forget to check for vulnerabilities. When a hacker wants to gain access to your company’s system, they will look for any vulnerabilities they can use to gain access to the system.

Security as a service provider will always perform regular tests to ensure that the security system they use does not have any vulnerabilities. When they find any vulnerabilities, they will fix them as soon as possible before someone exploits them.

Fixing New Cybersecurity Issues

Now and then, we wake up to the news that a particular company has been hacked and specific data has been stolen, or the hackers are holding the system at ransom and are demanding a certain amount of money before releasing that system.

A SOC services provider will ensure that they develop new ways to defend cyber systems against specific attacks. Suppose your company is using a cyber security system that has recently been attacked. In that case, your security as a service provider will act immediately by creating a defense system against a similar attack.

Protecting your Companies Data Using SOC Services

The world of cybersecurity is constantly evolving, and companies need to secure their data and keep their systems safe from intruders. Some companies usually create an IT department that will oversee cybersecurity issues within the company, while others will opt to outsource the service.

However, if your company keeps growing, it will be necessary to seek security services as a service provider who can help reduce the workload of your IT department. The service provider can help create a strong cyber security system, perform regular tests on the security system, and create new and stronger defense systems, among others.