Vision and Akiva software – Essential For Homeopathic Practitioners

Homeopathy is a natural way of treating. Due to being very cheap and effective, it is a great blessing of God. The disease that cannot be cured by other ways of treatment can be cured by this method. You can find the manuscript abut every disease on this website, these are debuting. Homeopathy Is serving for the success of mankind for many centuries. Merchant company is a good source of the homeopathic community, stabilized in 1980. Essential For Homeopathic Practitioners

They are working with the Royal London Homeopathic Hospital, we created Cara – the first ever software system based on the entire Kent’s Repertory. Now they are creating and developing innovative software solutions for homeopaths. Thousands of satisfied doctors and homeopaths all around the world using our software products.

Vision Homeopathic Software:Vision

Vision is one of the best homeopathic software in the world for doctors, practitioners and students. It is used around the world by experienced practitioners to deeply analyse acute, chronic and the most complex cases. Students and new practitioners also love that Vision is a fantastic study aid to homeopathy and even lets you add your own information into the system. Important key points are powerful. Easy to learn. Simple to use, quick, effective analysis of your cases, easily work with modern and classical repertories, grow your own knowledge of homeopathy by adding your own information into Vision, access materia medica and proves, record all your patient details and visits.[adsense]

Akiva Homeopathic Software:Akiva

Another best software for discovering homeopathic remedies in severe situations. Included a sophisticated, in-depth, question and answer consultation for 70 common conditions. Its interface is bright, colorful and easy to use. Akiva works with both Windows and Mac. You can use this software to find the leading homeopathic remedies in critical situations. This unique application quickly helps you to discover the best single homeopathic remedy needed in a wide range of acute ailments – no need to consider homeopathic combination remedies! Now you can use single remedies with trust. A lot of professional homeopaths all over the world already use Akiva in their practice as it is a great timesaver. You can choose from a list of 70 conditions commonly encountered at home.

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