Very Flexible And Free Typing Tutor That Can Raise Your Typing skill Very Quickly

mySimula is one of the best and very Simple user interface typing tutor that improve your typing skill quickly. It made by a Russian Programmer, so its default language and structure is in Russian. But it supports also English, Ukrainian, Germany, Italian keyboard layouts. This program needs to run any computer and operating system with Java Virtual Machine. You can easily divide the learning process level and start immediately with all keys. Enjoy using this great program.

Main Features and Requirements:

1- mySimula provide dynamic virtual keyboard with backlight next key
2- Give you ability quickly learn to type with ten fingers blindly.
3- Multilingual interface , Russian, English, German and Italian etc.
4- You can see statistics at different time intervals.
5- You can train as using Backspace, and without it.
6- Length of the text written between 100 and 1500 characters
6- Supported all Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/windows 7and 8.  [adsense]mySimula-2Note: Must download and installed Java runtime environment on your system before run this program. You can download this free program from author website: