The Truth Behind: Is John Travolta Gay 

For many years, Is John Travolta gay has embodied the image of a Hollywood star. His roles as the defiant bad boy leader of the T Birds, Danny Zuko, in the popular film Grease and the seductive male protagonist in Saturday Night Fever helped him earn this moniker. Following that, he immediately rose to fame and was regarded as one of Hollywood’s most desirable and attractive actors. He was popular with both men and women.

However, it appeared that he was only interested in a select group of women, such as Kelly Preston, Is John Travolta gay long term lover. But everyone is thinking, has that changed, in light of the recent and ongoing rumours? Is it possible that he has been hiding his real identity from the public for so long? Here’s everything we know regarding the veracity of the John Travolta sexual orientation rumours.

Is John Travolta gay sexual orientation has been the subject of inquiries and rumours since the 1980s. It still exists now, even after twenty years of marriage to a woman. Therefore, we had to find out if they were true.

Who is John Travolta Married to

John Travolta first made his screen debut in the beloved 1977 smash Saturday Night Fever. Is John Travolta gay then made a splash in 1978 with the beloved film Grease, which solidified his status as a leading man in Hollywood Who is John Travolta Married to. In addition, Who is John Travolta Married to starred in a number of other early hits, including Two of A Kind, The Experts, and Urban Cowboy. Subsequently, he acted in the family-oriented movie Look Whose Talking in 1989. Is John Travolta gay played the opposite role to Kirstie Alley, who, according to CNN, although never having dated him officially, called him the “love of her life.” Alley goes so far as to say that was her biggest regret! Because of their strong relationship, Alley even addressed the rumours about Is John Travolta gay sexual orientation when they first surfaced.

Male performer Pal Baressi asserted that he and Travolta were involved in a passionate romance in the 1980s. He stated that their three-year affair continued, and the actor compensated him for his services as well. He told The National Enquirer that he spilled this tea and that Travolta wouldn’t even answer.

Still, the rumours remained. There were rumours that Is John Travolta gay was frequently seen visiting bathhouses in Los Angeles. After being dismissed at first, they made a comeback in interior designer Robert Randolph’s biography You’ll Never Spa Who is John Travolta Married to In This Town Again. Randolph claimed to have spotted Travolta at these bathhouses with other guys for more than ten years. Once more, these assertions were denied.

Then, in 2006, Is John Travolta gay was seen kissing his male nanny in a photo, which he dismissed as a simple token of affection. The rumours reappeared with a vengeance after Who is John Travolta Married to on the lips during an award show in 2007, in yet another extremely public gesture of devotion.

More allegations against John Travolta emerge

But things truly went south in 2012. Is John Travolta gay was accused of sexual assault by two male masseuses. Vanity Fair said that the masseuses described occasions in which the diva was said to have overreached herself. In the end, both the court and Travolta rejected the allegations, stating that the actor wasn’t even in Los Angeles at the time.

Is John Travolta gay alleged affair with a male pilot surfaced the same year. According to Doug Gotterba, who was quoted in The Daily Mail, the two were romantically involved for more than six years. Gotterba revealed that he ended the relationship because Travolta got “intense” and possessive. Just prior to Travolta’s 1992 marriage to Kelly Preston, the romance is said to have ended in 1987. Once more, the National Enquirer broke the story first, but Travolta’s representatives dismissed it as a ploy for a reward and a five-minute moment of fame.

It does seem strange that there have been so many accusations over such a lengthy period of time, even yet none of them seem to have held water. Is John Travolta gay, meanwhile, insists that he is and has always been straight. He mentions his prior long-term and high-profile partnerships with women, including as his 21-year marriage to Kelly Preston, which produced three children, one of whom tragically died in 2009. Sadly, Preston also went away in 2020 at the age of 57. Since then, Travolta says, he has stayed unmarried in order to give his full attention to his kids and his profession.

Is John Travolta gay, bisexual, or in the middle? Perhaps no one will ever truly know. His sexuality has been the subject of rumours his entire career, and we don’t think they will go away anytime soon. It appears destined to stay a mystery, which is maybe Travolta’s preference.