Increase Your Computer Work More Easy Using Dexpot Additional Virtual Desktops

Dexpot is a great tool, that allows you to create up to 20 independent in their preferences desktops. Every desktop is independent from the others desktops. Each desktop will have own wallpaper, screen resolution and icons. You can easily switch between desktops using hotkeys, preserving full functionality of applications on inactive desktops. You can move and copy the running application windows easy. Enjoy this brilliant software and if you like then buy or donate some to support the author.

Main Features Of Dexpot:

1- Very easy to use for new users.
2- Give highly customization features for experts.
3- Auto start and low memory usage.
4- Completely support by the developers and programmers.
5- Latest Dexpot version 1.6.4 is available.
6- Compatible with all Microsoft windows XP/Vista/7 and Windows 8.[adsense]

Download Free for private use and company’s owners buy from: