Using This Little Tool You Can Save Your System To Hang And Low Memory Issue

Minimem can be repaired and reduce any program memory Leaks. This free application work in the background while you keep an eye on the selected application and optimize it. For example you already know that Firefox uses memory very brutally. Began to hang the system is and other programs due to lack of memory do not work properly. Minimem offers you full report What is the impact on program memory and need to fix it, and optimize memory as possible for the unnecessary use keeps the memory finishes.Minimem (2)


Minimem supported English, Spanish, French, Korean, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Portuguese and Chinese languages, and requires the version 2.0 of the .NET framework to be installed on your computer. Minimem works in the background, so does not bother you at all, and remains in the system tray from which reports can be obtained.[adsense]

Screen Shot:

Minimem (1)

Minimem is working on all Microsoft Windows OS including XP, Vista, Server and Windows 7 and 8, both 32 bits and a 64 bits. Get Minimem free from its official website: