Useful Tool to Save Your PC From Trojans, Worms, Malware in Suspicious Files and Urls

Using the VirusTotal website at you can check through multiple anti-virus engines to detect worms, Trojans and other malware in suspicious files and urls. Although you can upload items for scanning directly through you can upload items for scanning directly through the website, Phrozen VirusTotal Uploader now makes the process even easier. Simply drag the file you want to scan to the floating window or the main program and Uploader will be uploaded and checked, then it will give You the result immediately.

Phrozen VirusTotal Uploade

Main Features:

1- Scan multiple files Asynchronously.

2- Upload through desktop Widget.

3- Auto download from URL and Scan.

4- Scan from Networking/Process Applications.

5- List and scan Start up Applications.

6- User friendly and secured using SSL.[adsense]

During Process:

Phrozen VirusTotal Uploader_1

After Result:

Phrozen VirusTotal Uploader_2

Download free from Phrozensoft official website: