Say Goodbye To Expensive security software And Use The Free Alternative Granite Portable

We have in the vault to protect our important things. Just like use Portable Vault program in the computer and the flash drive to protect your important data or files. If you give USB Flash drive to someone have your personal data so they can see and copy comfortably. But if your files will be stored in the vault as they can not get. The name of this software is (Granite). It is a portable program, so no need to install on your computer.

How To Use GraniteGranite

  • 1- The first time you run Granite portable launcer.exe, it will ask you to select a username and password.
  • 2- Then you will see a folder called USB is a vault.
  • 3- After running the launcher to the correct user name and password Vault will open the folder. The wrong username and password will never open.
  • 4- Now It has a launcher which runs on the task bar will appear. Folder Vault lock when closed it will either open in front of you so that all the data will disappear.
  • 5- All files in this folder encrypt Vault are doing. Guarantee the complete safety of the files.[adsense]


Download free from and Extract the zip files and copy the flash drive.