Top 10 Web Applications to Create Online Surveys and Questionnaires

Some useful web applications for creating online surveys or organizing tools. Creating an online survey is not only necessary if you have a political journal to express voting preferences, but also to receive opinions from friends about a project or an event. Its allow you to take a survey to send invitations to a meeting,  create surveys and online questionnaires easily and quickly to send via E-Mail. By creating a new form you can write a question and give some possible answers with multiple choice box.Surveys and Questionnaires

You can send the form via Email and the answers are recorded in a table where you can see the summary with the result of the survey and the voting percentages. These forms can also be incorporated into a website.

Bellow web applications allow you to create online surveys with links to send via Email, with Facebook or to embed on a web page are:

1- Google Forms surveys can be created online with Google Forms in Google Docs.

2- TypeForm is the online tool that creates surveys and questions in the most beautiful graphic style to see.

3- Survey Monkey is a well known site that can also be used for surveys for professional purposes.

4- SurveyGizmo is alike to Survey Monkey in terms of inviting respondents and customization chance.[adsense]

5- Doodle is a simple, clear and very professional website to create surveys and forms to fill out.

6- Survey Planet is another professional tool that can be used for free to test almost without limits.

7- Polldaddy is the most famous site that allows you to create surveys with multiple-choice questions.

8- Qualtrics is an online survey application and questionnaire tool that allow to create the boundaries of traditional surveys.

9- 99Polls allows you to create polls on the fly and incorporate them into a website as a flash element.

10- Micropoll is a web application to incorporate questionnaires and surveys to be done on the fly.

There are many other sites to create surveys and personalized questionnaires to be published on the internet or to be sent via Email but save them because they are all similar and all the same.