Facebook has Launched Blood Donation Feature in Pakistan

Facebook introduced a new and highly useful feature in Pakistan, which will also help in saving thousands of lives. Facebook has introduced the feature to help in achieving blood donation in Pakistan, which was first seen in India last year. According to Facebook, this feature will be available to Pakistani users, which will encourage people to write names for blood donations. It is clear that countries such as Pakistan face clean blood deficiency.Facebook blood donation feature in Pakistan

Only one month in Pakistan, thousands of posts are paid for blood donations on Facebook and blood donation groups have more than one lakh people. According to Facebook, it can help to deliver blood donations in Pakistan more effectively to people and institutions and it will be ensured that the feature will be useful for people. The company said that this tool was introduced in India and Bangladesh, till now 70 million people have registered for blood donations on Facebook.

People who use Facebook in Pakistan, wish to register for their donation through their profiles or can you register by visiting the Facebook donate blood (facebook.com/donateblood), Donner’s information will be kept hidden and the default will be available on (Only me) in Privacy setting, Donor can spread the state in a more way. This feature will be available on Android, IOS and Desktop.[adsense]Facebook blood donation feature in Pakistan

Under this feature, when someone needs a blood donation, they should post their special post or visit the Facebook Founded Blood Donors (facebook.com/findblooddonors) . Facebook will automatically send notification to nearby donors, blood donors can also review the application and respond if they want, or contact the phone directly with the needy. You will not be able to know any information about the donor unless the blood donor responds to the public post.

Facebook further added that we are adding blood banks and hospitals such as institutions and individuals with donor donors on Facebook. When organizations conduct blood camp in Pakistan, they can make events on Facebook and donors nearby will automatically receive notifications. Donors can take an event’s event and assure that they are going to or are interested in this event. Hasan Abbas Zaheer, National Coordinator, Professor of National Health Services said the Safe Blood Transaction Program is proud to work with Facebook. We believe that the Facebook Blood Disposal feature will help deal with the major challenges facing us. It is a challenge that the donation is to reach a young population for the blood. We hope that this vacuum will soon become a part of history.