4 Simple Ways to Double the Internet Download Manager (IDM) Speed

Internet Download Manager (IDM) is one of the leading downloads that helps you increase your downloading on the computer. Its best option is that any download stopped and can be restarted from there (pause capability). Today we will consider ways in which the Internet Download Manager speeds can be increased. For this you have to work with a few simple steps. Do you have Internet connection slow? Or can not you download the files at full speed? So this article will help you a lot.Double the Internet Download Manager Speed

Let’s learn how in some ways the IDM download speed can be doubled. For this you have to make changes to your download settings, then you’ll see a dramatic increase in the download speed.Double the IDM Speed

The First Way:

Make a few changes to your IDM settings and increase the download speed:

1. Open the Internet Download Manager and click Downloads and close the Speed Limiter.Double the IDM Speed (2)

2. Go to Downloads once again and go to Settings in Speed Limiter. Choose some speed at your connection speed here. Better than 100 KB to 450 KB, if you have 4MB DSL speed.Double the IDM Speed (3)

3. Once again, click the Downloads button and select Options. On the Connection tab, click Medium Bandwidth Connection Type / Speed. Press OK button to save all the changes.Double the IDM Speed (4)

4. Now you have “default max.” conn. number “, for which you have to go to” Option “and go to the Connection tab here and press OK button by default max. conn. number 8 to 16.
Your Internet Download Manager will now increase the speed.Double the IDM Speed (5)

The Second Way:[adsense]Windows Update

If you are looking the speed of download on the IDM, then there is a possible reason for this that the computer is currently downloading something else. So make sure to stop all the downloads so that you get maximum speed. You can also see the Windows Update, which is downloading updates with silence.

The Third Way:Task Manager

Press the CTRL + ALT + DELETE button and open the Task Manager. You can also open Task Manager by clicking right on the Taskbar. However, now you have to see applications that are using a lot of time. Turn off all these unnecessary apps and let them use the RAM to use it, so your download speed will be sure to increase.

The Fourth Way:

Use the IDM Optimizer tool to increase the speed of the IDM.

1. First of all, download the IDM Optimizer Stable Tool for your Windows PC.

2. Install the IDM Optimizer and open it. As you open, you’ll see the Maximize Now button. Click on it, the IDM will ask for Windows to restart.IDM Optimizer Stable

3. After restarting your IDM will be seeded up.IDM Optimizer Stable (2)

4- Download any file for the experiment.If you do not like this, you can go to Settings and Restore Default.