TikTok an influential mode of Digital Marketing


Digital marketing allows one to engage with their audience unlike conventional methods of marketing. As the number of internet users increases every day, this new audience behavior has opened new doors of opportunity for digital marketers. Many marketers have been using various social media platforms with out of box strategies to attract consumers and make companies, brands, and products successful.

Conventional email marketing was the oldest form of digital marketing. They continue to be quite successful even today in communicating and engaging with existing customers and building new relationships.   Many ways were adopted such as product details, newsletters, new product launches and thank you emails which ensured customer loyalty.

Social Media Marketing

One of the biggest revolutions in the last decade has been the advent of multiple social media sites. These platforms came in different formats and gained recognition among audiences depending on their age group and profile.  As the number of users grows continuously today with more than 5 billion global population using the internet, this has provided an immense opportunity to digital marketers to target traffic, brand promotion, and even buy TikTok fans to broaden their reach. With the kind of choice that both marketers and consumers have today on the social media platform, choosing the most apt social platform to promote one’s business holds great importance.

Some popular channels and tools of social media which marketer use for digital marketing areas

a.    Facebook Marketing on this platform can be efficacious because it is the biggest social network with maximum organic reach. It has its format of advertising in the form of Facebook ads on the pages itself.

b.    Twitter Twitter is viral as it provides a short and simple mode of information on news and another influencer campaign on brands and products.

c.     Instagram Ads on Instagram through images and videos can be an effective tool for the promotion of business and services.

d.    TikTok marketers create their videos and upload them on this platform. With its short video duration and unique features, they have less competition from others in this segment and have grown at an exponential rate in just two years.

Content Marketing

This kind of marketing attracts attention to generate leads. It is all about optimizing one’s video if one is a TikTok user. For a strategic marketing approach, the most important thing is to share qualitative information to enhance one’s credibility and online visibility.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) focuses on increasing visibility in search engines. This is a critical marketing tool that optimizes one’s channel or website to rank high for certain pertinent keywords.

Affiliate Marketing

This type of marketing is different in the sense that the advertiser pays for traffic. One only needs to pay when conversions happen. Bloggers use this mode of marketing to earn as they usually have a large fan base and audience to whom they sell other people’s products and services.[adsense]

Pay per Click (PPC) Advertising

As one scroll down web pages, they can see attractive hyperlinks. These hyperlinks are PPC advertising methods generally as the marketer pays for each click on those links to websites. This mode of advertising is most popular with social networking as they feed ads to targeted users.Digital marketing is continuously changing and evolving. One needs a certain level of skills and exceptional knowledge of various aspects of channelizing the market. Perhaps a better way would be hiring an expert for Tiktok marketing if one is looking to gain the maximum benefit at low costs.