2 Key Ways To Get Around IP Blocks


The term geo-blocking has become very depressing these days. All website developers, content providers, and service owners have adopted the geo-blocking technique. Doing so has enabled them to ward off unwanted access for those who are geographically dislocated. For example, if you are from the US, you will not get the chance to access American Netflix. This is called geo-blocking, and to gain more information about them, you can check out internetprivatsphare websites, where you will get the details you need.


How to get around IP blocks?

The modern world is filled with savvy internet users who cannot take no for an answer. For such reasons, when the whole geo-blocking thing didn’t quite sit well with them, they decided to take matters into their own hands. They did just two and just eliminated geo-blocking. There are two ways you can go around geo-blocking, and to know what they are, check the information below.


Once you depart from the nation you belong to, you will lose that nation’s IP addresses. Remember, the geo-location is connected with your IP address. This means that it will not go to areas or locations where you go to. But there is no need to move physically if you want a new IP address, as you can easily obtain one through a VPN. This particular tool stands out as a life-saver for all online users and will make your online experience a worthy one. There are several ways through which the VPN changes your IP address. These steps are:

  • The first step is to connect with a reliable VPN.
  • The VPN will link your device with the server you select.
  • Your traffic will flow through a digital tunnel, which is created through the VPN.
  • After that, the VPN will reroute the traffic with the server that you have chosen.
  • This will change the IP address with the location of the server you chose.
  • Once it’s done, you will find yourself located in that particular nation where the server belongs to. 

IP Address

Like you cannot visit several nations without a VISA, many websites belong to certain countries you can access due to geo-blocking. So, if you want to access these websites, you need to replace the IP address that matches with the nation’s IP address so that you can enter it virtually. When you change within the IP address, you can easily access all the contents and information without worrying. You cannot take it with you, but you can ditch it anytime you want with the help of a VPN.[adsense]

Can a smart DNS server help you get around the IP blocks?

DNS or domain name server plays its part as a directory for the internet. Just like all words have their own set of definitions, similarly, every IP address has a domain name. You can only access contents through the help of domain names and get to communicate with IP addresses. Your device connected to the internet will request the DNS to help resolve the domain name into an IP address so that it can communicate with it. The DNS will translate the domain name into an IP address that will help the browser to identify the weight of the website’s content.

With all that information, we are sure it would be easy for you to get around IP blocks and access the desired content.