How do we have fun as a family?


The purpose of this two- week learning experience is for students to express themselves through music and movement, experimenting with different sounds and rhythms, and using their motor skills. Likewise, it is sought that they identify strategies such as counting to identify the favorite activities and the free time that the family has.

To achieve the stated purpose, this week the students will carry out

various activities. 

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On Monday they will accompany Martina la tucana in her commission

as a journalist in charge of collecting information about what people like to do in their free time as a family. Also, they will see a video of a family having fun playing carnivals and they will think, What kinds of activities can all the members of a family carry out? They will pay attention to the testimonies of some students about what activities fathers, mothers and children like, and they will ask themselves what happens when family members do not like to do the same activities in their free time? In this sense, they will listen to the dialogue between Fátima and Chancay regarding how important it is to agree to play together as a family and they will be able to apply a survey to their relatives to identify what they like to do in their free time. Draw the answers and, with the help of an adult, They will be able to write what activity it is. In addition, they will observe a table with the activities that the members of a family like and will identify where they coincide. To close, they will ask themselves in which activities they coincide with their family.

On Tuesday they will observe how to make a with the activities that they will carry out as a family. Afterwards, they will pay attention to the video Theater, which deals with the experience of Bartolo and his friends as actors in the play “Los tres pigitos”. Regarding this, they will listen to Chancay comment that an activity to develop as a family is acting, and they will think about what other activities they could do together. Then, they will see videos sent by some children that show how they organize with their family to carry out some activities. 

On WednesdayThey will explore rhythms and the movements they can make from them. Also, they will answer these questions: What is the music that you like the most? How do they dance it? What kind of music do your families like? They will listen and dance to the rhythm of the song “My old parrot”, with movements of arms, legs, feet, head, up, down. Likewise, they will watch and hear the video of the song “El delfín”, a song sung to the rhythm of the cajon and the guitar. In addition, they will dance to this song using free movements; then they will move their arms as if they were butterfly wings; then the hips, head and shoulders, and finally, they will do breathing exercises. Next, they will listen to an interview with a musician about the different musical genres that exist and some rhythmic games that can be performed.watching a video where some families dance to their favorite music.[adsense]

On Thursday they will learn what choreography is, how the music is prepared and chosen, and they will be able to learn some dance steps. Also, they will observe the story of Ania and Kin Bea, the butterfly, which is about trying and not giving up until we achieve what we set out to do. They will also learn about Corina la Corvina’s choreography and then reflect on how to create their own family dance, as well as their clothing for the occasion. To close, they will dance with the steps that Sock will teach them; thus, they will do the step of the snake, the one with the torticollis and the step of the surprised sigh.

On Friday, to end the week, they will watch the video Costumes and, from there, they will think about how they would like their clothing to be. In addition, they will

watch a video where other children tell how they will dress for the family dance and will be inspired by ideas of different costumes that they can recreate with objects and reuse materials that they have on hand