Temperature Controlled Faucet Light Color Changer For Your Home

Temperature controlled Faucet Light Color Change is a basically sanitary item using in home accessories, but its importance is electronics color light. It is Ideal for the kid’s bathroom and a new way to decorate up your home with color. It can auto change watercolor when water temperature changed and show your family and you not to scaled the hand. Colorful water gives you a more good feeling in the eyes. The pressure powered it of water so no need any battery of power supply, just need to connect the faucet tap and the LED light sensor with the adapter and it work normally. No more testing the water to see if it is hot. With this faucet fixture a colorful stream of blue water flows and changes to red as the water heat up because water temperature is less then 32 Centigrade, it turns blue coloremperature-Controlled-Faucet-Light


When water temperature is between 33 Centigrade to 41 Centigrade, it turns green color. When water temperature is between 42 Centigrade to 46 Centigrade, it turns red color. When water temperature is more than 46 Centigrade, it is flashing, which remind you be careful. More detail and Buy from www.amazon.com

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 Faucet LED Light- Changed colour with water temperature