Switch the Image File Format With These Easy Steps


Switching from one file format to another needs a tool. The thing with PDF is that, with so many online tools to choose from, it is hard to differentiate wisely the good from the bad ones. With enough research using Google, you will find online tools at the top of the rank. These online tools have proven their capacity to switch file formats. For example, the ability to change jpg to pdf. Would this be a complicated procedure? The answer is no. It would be best to have a powerful online tool, a computer, and an internet connection to accomplish this task.


Two Easy Ways Of Converting JPG To PDF

  1. You can change JPG to PDF using software that’s already built into the computer. For example, Mac has a stock program called Preview, where you can convert any files into pdf. Windows have a variety of software that can be used to convert one format into another. What if your computer doesn’t have a built-in converter? Thus, this is the case with most Windows computers, where you need to use third-party software to convert tasks. This situation means that you need to download the converter and run it to your Windows OS. In most cases, this procedure can take space and eat up computer RAM and resources. To solve this would be to switch to a second procedure.
  2. You can convert jpg to pdf using an online converter like the PDFBear converter tool. This tool is safe because you do not need to download it to your computer. It will not eat up resources or Ram because it is cloud-based. Cloud-based programs are independent. They do not rely on computer power, so they are more reliable. This difference also makes them fast and light. Converting your jpg files to pdf using this online tool is easy. The steps are as follows:

Converting PG To PDF Using PDFBear

In doing the jpg conversion with PDFBear, it would be best to have a working or decent computer to use a reliable browser in converting. An updated Google Chrome will do. You can also use other browsers. These are Firefox, Safari, Opera, and other browsers that are equally powerful. Your computer specs should have at least 8 gigabytes of RAM and a processing speed of 1.2 to 2.5 MHz.

Further, do your conversion. To further proceed with the jpg conversion, it would be best to have a working internet connection to access PDFBear’s website. Your internet speed requirements depend on the number of tasks you are doing at the same time. The faster, the better it is to finish your multitasking.

Using your browser of choice, access the PDFBear website. The front page will showcase the conversion tools you need for your task. Choose the one that says JPG to PDF. Clicking that page will lead you to the converter tool. You can drag or drop your jpg files to the converter. You will have options, and you can choose the one that will convert your jpg to pdf. Click the “convert” to PDF button and wait for the entire process to happen and finish. You will then have an option to download the new file to your computer or share it to Google drive. The process is quick and easy.

PDFBear Pro-Version Extra Features

PDFBear is available as a free converter or a pro version. The free converter allows you to use the tool to get the task done. However, the pro version gives you security and other unlimited features. For example, you can upload or download files without any limit. You can also convert files that are big or small. There is no limit as to how many tasks you do at the same time. This is useful for working on corporate assignments, and they need a powerful tool such as the pro version. You also have the security of storing your converted files on the PDF cloud for future tasks or downloads.[adsense]


PDFBear uses encryption, which will be impossible for malware or hackers to steal your information. You also have dedicated customer support in case you need emergency help with your tasks. Having all these options makes the pro version an excellent investment. Thus, having this online converter also gives you flexibility. PDFBear saves you time and makes you more productive in the process as your jpg to pdf converter online.