Simple Ways to Spruce Up Your Living Room

Your living room is an important room – after all, it’s where your family gathers to watch movies together, and it’s where your guests congregate when you have them over for a holiday or other special occasion. So, you definitely want your living room to look its best. Unfortunately, it’s easy to get a bit lazy when it comes to styling your living room, and you might be looking around your space wondering how you can spruce it up and modernise it, especially if it’s been a while since you decorated it. To get started, here are three simple tips that can make a difference.

Add a New Area Rug

Adding an area rug is a quick and easy change you can make to your living room. You might be surprised by how different your space looks after adding a rug of any size, especially if you select a design that demands attention or adds a pop of colour or style. Take, for instance, the gorgeous hand knotted vintage rugs from That Rebel House – not only are these going to make a statement but they’re also fantastic conversation starters, as your guests are sure to want to know where you got your rug and the story behind it.

Upgrade the Lighting

If your living room is lacking when it comes to lighting, whether there isn’t enough light at night or your light fixtures are dated, it’s time to make some upgrades. Add a new overhead light that has a style that matches the rest of the space, whether you’re looking for something elegant or funky. You can also upgrade your lamps quickly and easily by simply purchasing new lampshades if you don’t want to change the lamps themselves. Because lighting is so important and your eyes go to the light fixtures in a space when you walk into it, this is a surefire way to upgrade a living room without breaking the bank.

Change the Paint Colour or Overall Colour Scheme

Do you have plain white walls in your living room, but you are ready to add some colour to warm up the space and make it more inviting? Or do you currently have a colour on the walls, but you aren’t crazy about it anymore and are ready for a change? Either way, painting the walls is yet another strategy for quickly transforming your living room, and a fresh coat of paint will also make it look cleaner and brighter. And, if you want to go a step further, you can change up the rest of the colour scheme, too, by doing things like getting a new sofa and design accessories, or, as mentioned above, new light fixtures.

Get Creative and Have Some Fun!

Although it might seem stressful at first, designing your living room should be enjoyable. Look through interior design websites and magazines to generate ideas for how you want your space to look. Then, upgrade your colour scheme, furniture, flooring, and lighting to create the living room of your dreams.