Redlore’s RTLS Solution Makes Your Indoor Location Tracking To The Next Level

A wireless communication technology akin to Bluetooth and Wi-Fi is called ultra-wideband (UWB). UWB indoor positioning systems can accurately locate people, assets, and inventories within 30 cm or even less in real-time. UWB technology is used to track the precise location, motion, and interaction of objects inside defined boundaries.

Systems employing ultra wide band are the best for finding goods on warehouse shelves because they can precisely determine a 3D position of a tagged item. We have enforced this RTLS solution, as it leveled up our warehouse to another higher level.

Ultra-wideband (UWB) based positioning devices are now available and can provide exceptionally accurate and quick positional information. This novel technology makes a range of previously impractical use cases, data analytics, and experiences conceivable. The advantages of UWB, its operation, and a few actual issues of accurate indoor location utilizing UWB will all is covered in this paper.

Brief Note On RedLore Company

Real-time asset tracking is done via RedLore’s Real-Time Location and Condition Monitoring Solution for goods, equipment, and people. RedLore has the distinct benefit of being wire-free and not requiring any connected infrastructure. Even in massive facilities, the installation process is shortened from weeks to a few days, minimizing disruption to the continuing business.

RedLore is a pioneering company specializing in cutting-edge indoor positioning technology at the bleeding edge of location monitoring technologies. RedLore is redefining how organizations manage their assets and optimize their operations by placing a heavy emphasis on innovation and utilizing cutting-edge technology like ultra-wideband (UWB). RedLore, a well-respected market pioneer, provides a full range of solutions, including their standout RTLS (Real-Time Location System) product.

How Do The RTLS works in Indoor location tracking?

An RTLS often relies on the attachment of battery-operated radio, optical, or acoustic tags to the targets of the tracking. It’s important to note that RTLS technology may get used to tracking people and items. RFID tags can be affixed to items have unique transmitters allocated to them and worn by humans. The system offers accurate movement analysis.

Sensors in the area getting tracked by the RTLS system detect the signal transmitted by transmitters, also known as tags. This example’s technology is based on the so-called Universal Wideband (UWB). An organization can get several benefits by always knowing where its resources and personnel are.

Uses cases

Many businesses are implementing real-time location systems to meet their needs. We are referring to businesses that engage in manufacturing, transportation, and other services and those that require control. Numerous items require regular observation in this situation.

Positioning and Indoor Navigation

The possibilities for organizing effective indoor location tracking are endless because of RTLS’s location. Users have access to digital maps with points of interest, can look up things inside buildings rapidly, and can plan routes to the destinations they need to go.

Asset tracking:

Your employees will have more time to focus on patient care because asset seeking and expensive equipment loss are no longer problems thanks to RTLS. Using specialized software the system enables you to oversee the state of the equipment and track vital assets. You might have the option to track every piece of equipment or only your most expensive purchases.

RTLS in smart warehouse

While some warehouses have been modernized almost to the point of being unrecognizable, others still function as they did thirty or forty years ago. While some facilities use autonomous vehicles or robots to handle assets, others still struggle to keep an up-to-date inventory using clipboards, spreadsheets, or other manually filled logs. Even with such a diverse spectrum of warehouse activities, it is safe to assume that practically all warehouses, regardless of their level of digitalization, can or already benefit from location data.


RedLore has developed a reputation as a dependable partner for companies in various industries because of its knowledge of UWB technology and dedication to providing outstanding outcomes. gives organizations the capacity to boost productivity, efficiency, and overall operational excellence by offering precise and real-time location tracking capabilities.