A Review about Headway App – Is It Worth It?

Life can be stressful when you take on many responsibilities at the same time, whether at work, school or elsewhere. Many people are fond of reading books but they do not have enough time. Headway app is for such people who want to read but need more time. Launched in 2019, Headway is a unique reading app that combines non-fiction books into short 15-minute readings.

Ease of Use

The straightforward UI of the Headway app makes it simple to navigate and find the books you’re looking for. Both a text and an audio version of the summary are available.

Pricing Plans

With options for a weekly, monthly, and yearly membership, Headway is reasonably priced.

Pricing varies depending on the subscription period. The best value is the $14.99 monthly plan rather than the $9 weekly plan. If you don’t want to worry about renewing your monthly plan, you can save time and money by purchasing an annual membership for $89.99.

Summaries and visualizations of popular nonfiction bestsellers:

  • Individual access to content 
  • Daily review 
  • Self-development assignments on various topics 
  • Sources of ideas verified on authoritative lists 
  • Interval repeat feature for flashcards and language learning 
  • Widgets with motivational quotes and ideas 
  • Subscription-based service with a 7-day free trial
  • Subscription auto-renews until canceled


The Headway app isn’t the only game that offers non-fiction book summaries. Many other similar apps that provide book summaries are Gainsight, Bookey, StoryShots, QuickRead, Blinkist, and Mentorist.

Blinkist is an app for iOS and Android users that provides information about different aspects of life in 15 minutes. Besides giving you some tips, it makes sure you learn something new every day. You can also access popular podcasts on topics related to your goals.

Mentorist for Android and iOS uses the same formula as Headway to provide a 17-minute summary per day instead of 15 minutes. It presents several hacking strategies for different faces of life.

Nowadays, people change their jobs/careers many times in their lives. To change a lifestyle, you should read these books before changing your career:

  • Do What You Are by Paul D. Tieger
  • How to Find Fulfilling Work by Roman Krznaric
  • Metaskills: 5 Talents for The Robotic Age by Marty Neumeier
  • Burn Your Portfolio by Michael Janda
  • Quitter by Jon Acuff
  • So Good They Can’t Ignore You by Cal Newport


It is convenient and portable, allowing users to read in a shorter time.

Customizable goal setting and book recommendations based on user preferences.

The concise summary of the book is quick and informative.

Include summaries of books that may have been difficult to finish.

Users can listen to the abstract and decide whether to read the book in its full format.

Offer a huge variety of content.


Glitch app with issues of disappearing bars and tracking story completion. 

A robotic voice in some annotations distracts users from the content. 

Content quality variability and fidelity to the original book. 

Unexpected, non-refundable annual payments create financial hardship for users.