Living Room Furniture That Would Make Everyone Go Wow


No matter how big one’s house is, the family usually ends up relaxing and spending time together in the living room. That is the common area wherein all the members of the family gather for various activities or even to simply sit and chat. Not only the in-house members but also the guests are primarily entertained in the living room. Therefore, most of the planning in terms of painting ideas, wallpapers, tiles, décor and accessories, furniture, etc goes into the making of this room. To make this room presentable, a lot of thought and afterthought goes into it. To get more ideas on home decor, you can visit tan boon liat building.

A few things are must-haves in the furniture aspect of the living room. One staple item that immediately hits our minds while discussing living room furniture is the sofa design. Complementing the existing aesthetic of the room, one can choose the designs to make the look and feel of the room stand out. Additionally, this room would also seem incomplete without a TV and a TV unit. A large cabinet with shelves or storage space or even minimalistic ones just enough to encase the television set would go a long way in adding to the decorative aspect of the room.

Chairs: Sometimes, if the space in the living room is large, sofas might not do the trick. For additional seating, people then turn to chairs. You can either opt for a chair of a similar make, pattern, and design as the sofa or you can go in a different direction that would make the piece of furniture pop out. One very ‘in’ style is the rocking chair. The best part about these chairs is that they need not be confined to particular rooms. They can easily be shifted into other areas of the house. So, if you want to comfortably read a book in your own room, you can take this chair under the night-lamp and read in peace.

Several styles can be found with this reliable brand.

  • Dylan Chair:A large-handle wood finish with comfortable cushions that can be placed on any corner of the living room.
  • Matthew Chair: A brown and gold-ish finish with a footstool and a rustic design on the handle can be a good choice for a contemporary look.
  • Murray and Russel Chairs:These chairs have a basic wooden finish and a very minimalistic design that can be decorated further using pillows, throw cushions, rugs, etc.

Similarly, there are several sofa sets that can be found with this brand. Sectional designs to seat more people in the living room, 3-seater ones for a more spacious look in the room, leather finishes for an overall elegant aesthetic, striking blue-colored ones that would highlight the features of the room, etc. Choose what you like and keep coming back for more. You can add several other elements like carpets to make the sofa pop out further.

Design the living room of your dreams and enjoy spending time there with your friends and family.