Simple and Easy Way to Align Pictures in Adobe Photoshop

If you have to scan pages with frequently, then this way will save you a lot of time to straight the Non aligned scanned pictures. While scanning the pages are in italics, for them to straighten often you use in the “Rotate Canvas” Arbitrary option under the “Image Menu”. While it often does not succeed the first attempt to straight the page and “Undo” again and again and each time has to provide a new value. Please write comments if you like this post.Align Pictures in Adobe PhotoshopIn this article we will use the same method, but in the first PhotoShop use the “Measure Tool”.
1- Draw a Line to Guide:Align Pictures in Adobe Photoshop (2)The following image, draw a line on a section of the image using the Measure Tool, which you think about whether it be the straight part of the image.
2- Open Dialog Box to Rotate Image:Align Pictures in Adobe Photoshop (3)[adsense]Now select the “Rotate Canvas” “Arbitrary” menu option under the “Image” menu.
Provided by Photoshop Digit:Align Pictures in Adobe Photoshop (4)Below you see the image, Photoshop has provided a value itself. You just press the OK button.
Page is straight:Align Pictures in Adobe Photoshop (5)Sure! Now page is quite straight.