Now Facebook Introduced Colorful Text Status For Desktop and iOS Devices

Some of the features introduced are often quietly from Facebook, which does not know millions of users. Now Facebook has a huge change for customers, which has not happened until today and it will be a colorful expression status. Yes, now you can fill color in the background updating your status. This feature is already available for Android users from last year. But now it is introduced to for desktop users and iOS devices.Facebook Introduced Colorful Text

This is very easy, just go to your Facebook status desktop version and start writing that down there you’ll see this option, you can see in the picture. There you can choose colors, which can be used as background status. Now Facebook has been provided by the facility to use as background seven colors, and white in color is not included. Apparently this change is intended to color the user status according to your mood. If you are happy then yellow or gray when depressed.[adsense]As a result of this change in status updates was quite different, namely, whether the bold white text on a background looks like a newspaper headline. And if you want to use color status, there is limited scope for the words, you cannot write more words and color them. It will highlight the text color, while it would be possible to copy, because it will be no picture.

Facebook Introduced Colorful Text

If you have not yet updated should wait a few hours or days, very soon it will become part of your account. This feature is part of Facebook to try to force people to maximize their views. If you see news feeds quickly filled with colorful messages, you can also try this instead of being surprised.