According To Microsoft Announcement Windows XP Will Be abolished in April 2014

According to Microsoft’s announcement of support for this version of Windows would be abolished in April 8, 2014. Support refers to the company to eliminate the errors and bugs to fix in desktop would not be responsible. Manufacturers as well as other desktop applications for Windows SP to leave. Whose cause it would be very easy for hackers who can steal your information.End of Win XP

Although the majority of users of new versions of Windows such as Windows 7 and 8 have been transmitted but in most countries of the world including Pakistan still has a significant number of Windows XP users. The Problem is that most government offices and companies are still being used in Windows XP.[adsense]
End of Win XP_2 (2) Several countries government machinery is still used Windows XP . on the other hand, this move will also promote piracy and consumers who cannot afford to upgrade the forced illegal ways to download Windows 7 or 8.