Microsoft Will Add Built-in Call Recording Feature in Skype

In the Skype application, most of the feature is being requested that is the call to record. But in spite of this, the facility is not available in Skype, but for this work you have to use third-party software. This statement is so popular that Skype has given regular software lists on your FAQs page that you can use to record the call on Skype. But now Microsoft has included Skype Recording Facility. This feature will be completely cloud-based so that people who use the same account on different devices, have access to every recorded communication conversation.Recording Feature in Skype

Remember that it is illegal to record the call without informing the person being called. That’s why often when you call a company’s customer service, you are told that your call can be recorded to improve the quality of that call. Under the same principle, when you start recording a call in Skype, all the participants in the call are notified through a notification that the call is being recorded.[adsense]Skype

Microsoft has not yet added this feature to Skype yet, but this feature will be released soon as an update to Skype version 8 (Available to download from Microsoft official website).

Other features will be available in Skype version