10 Amazing Tips That Proved Magically Aspirin Benefits

Aspirin is a popular pain pill worldwide, which is kept in each class being cheap. But did you know that this medicine is not able to control only the pain but also benefit against various types of cancer and various diseases. The pill not only useful medically useful against disease, but can be conducted even from work that day, that you will not ever have imagined. Now they take care house or your beauty, aspirin is a truly magical effect, there are a few surprising effects will have a surprise for you.Surprising Aspirin Benefits

1- Revive dead batteries in cars:
We start to drive it was revealed that the car’s battery had left to work around and no one there to help you do? These conditions will prove really helpful aspirin tablets, just put them in your battery. Aspirin is found in “acetylsalicylic acid” together with the current sulfuric acid battery will run in the dead battery and you will be able to reach the nearest service station to travel to far away.

2- Restore hair color:
If your hair is colored, they are very noticeable effects on hair color bath water mixed with chlorine and unpleasant. However, you can make very easily return to the original shape of your hair, just pour a glass of six to eight aspirin, hot water, then water massage or massage sprinkles on your hair and until ten minutes Repeat the original hair color will be restored.

3- Incision to dry acne:
Face acne or pimple rise in youth is common, that lead to discomfort with red. Often experience this until the age of twenty-five to thirty years, often leads people, especially for women concerned. If that happens, then finely grind a tablet of aspirin to get rid of acne, and put a little water to make a paste. Apply this paste on pimple and sit comfortably for a few minutes, after which wash the face with soap and water. This will reduce the heading and acne will be dried, if Repeat this process until you come to rest when the grain is dry.

4- Treatment of stiff skin:
Also to relax after a hard skin on your feet, and fragments of crushed aspirin six to five. Two teaspoons of water, and lemon juices added to make the paste. Apply this mixture to the affected areas and then wrapped a hot towel on your feet, then cover them with a plastic bag. Hold for at least ten minutes, then remove the plastic bag and towels, and be prepared for a surprise when your feet feel relaxed.[adsense]

5- To control dandruff hair:
Every one faced hair dandruff problem, expensive shampoos and creams etc, which are too used. However, the easiest way to overcome exists in the form of aspirin. just make two aspirin fragments into powder and put the normal amount of shampoo on your head. Leave the mixture to set for a couple of minutes and then wash. Then do not forget to wash your head just a shampoo.

6- From the discomfort of bites and stings of insects:
To control the swelling caused by mosquito bite or bee sting, a tablet of aspirin on the affected part gently rub the massage. Swelling will come under control while you will notice a significant reduction in pain immediately.

7- Flowers survive for long:
If roses, or any flower is cut from the branch they are to fade after a while. However, if you want to keep it fresh for a long time put a tablet of aspirin crushed in the water, and the water put in a vase or a container in which to place the flowers, they will live longer than flowers typical period.

8- Gardening help:
Aspirin not only the best to overcome your pain, but also benefit from your garden. Some people put up with bad roots, grind aspirin are, or to mix the water used to treat fungus on the ground, but be aware that not too much use of aspirin around your plants, just tablet and a liter of water will be enough.

9- Remove egg stains on clothes:
During cooking or eating egg yolk has stained your clothes? So before you remove them rub the sponge it with warm water, do not use hot water because it will stain strongly, if he did not, then the form of a paste by mixing cream and water stains tartrate, and they add to crush a tablet of aspirin. Spread the paste on the stain and leave for thirty minutes, then wash it with warm water. Stains will clean.

10- Erase the scars sweat:
Summer sweat from the body flows like water, and in the meantime are also noticeable stains on light-colored clothes, not the impossible, but difficult to clean. However, do not despair, just put your white or light color to erase the stain of sweat shirt, mix the powder two aspirin tablets in washing powders and one or two cups of hot water. Hold for two to three hours, then dip your shirt in this solution, you will be really surprised to see the effect.