Magical Health Benefits Of Avocado Or Alligator Pear

Avocado is a unique species of fruit and most fruits are rich, mainly of carbohydrates, while avocado contains large amounts of healthy fats. It is a tree that is native to South Central Mexico, and the main ingredient in one of the most traditional Mexican dishes “guacamole”. Its high nutritional value, rich texture and neutral flavor, avocados can be added to all kinds of dishes. Some even call it ” Superfood ” which is not as far-fetched given its health properties. One piece fruit can weigh from 220 grams to about 1.4 kilograms. Here’s how it seems a typical representative.Magical Health Benefits Of  Avocado

Avocado has rich vitamin and mineral profile:Magical Health Benefits Of  Avocado (2)

Contain rich of fiber:

Fiber is another nutrient, the content in the fruit is relatively high. They are indigestible for the human organism vegetable matter, such as their intake can contribute to weight loss, regulation of blood sugar levels and reducing the risk of many diseases. Often distinguish between soluble and insoluble fibers. For the soluble fiber is known to serve as a probiotic and can feed the beneficial intestinal bacteria that are very important for the optimum operation of our bodies. In 100 grams of edible portion of avocado contains seven grams of fiber, which is 27% of the recommended daily intake. About 25% of the fiber in avocados are soluble, while the remaining 75% are insoluble.

Protect the eyes from diseases.[adsense]

Avocados not only increases the absorption of antioxidants than other foods, but it is itself the source of these – such as lutein and zeaxanthin. These are nutrients essential for eye health. Studies show that they are related very much to reduce the risk of cataracts and macular degeneration, commonly found in the elderly. Therefore, eating avkodato is beneficial for eye health in the long run.

Lower cholesterol and triglycerides.

The results of the research on humans have shown that regular consumption of avocados can:
Significantly reduce total cholesterol levels.
Reduce triglycerides by up to 20%.
Reduce levels of LDL (bad) cholesterol by up to 22%.
To raise levels of HDL (good) cholesterol by up to 11%.

Helps in weight loss:

There is evidence to support allegations that perform fruit friend in fighting weight. In one study involved two groups, of which one is instructed to eat avocados, and other respected identical diets but without avocado. After the study participants were asked to answer questions related to hunger and appetite. The results show that people from the group consumed avocados are 23% more satisfied with food and a 28% lower appetite in the next 5 hours compared to those who have not consumed fetus.

Easy to incorporate into your diet:

This fruit can be combined with different foods to create interesting dishes – avocado is the perfect addition to salads. Ripening of fruit takes time and usually ripe avocado is soft to the touch. The nutrients in it can be oxidized quickly after skinning and cutting, but if you cover cutting an avocado with lemon slice, healthy qualities are preserved for a longer period of time.

Included heart healthy monounsaturated fatty acids.

About 80% of calories in avocados come from fat, making it one of the oily plant foods. But in the fruit contains not just any fat – but mostly oleic acid. This is a monounsaturated fatty acid, which is the major component and the oil, it is believed that it is responsible for some of the beneficial effects. The intake of oleic acid is associated with decreased levels of inflammation, as is also shown, and its favorable effect on the genes related to cancer. The fats in avocados are also resistant to heat, which makes the avocado oil safe choice in cooking.