Know Which Keyboard Button is Damaged or Not Works Properly

The use of computers has increased so much in our lives, it is often because of busy work, we are forced to eat food in front of the computer, or whether it has become an ordinary thing to drink while using the computer. Tea, coffee or water if accidentally fall on the keyboard, there is a problem because due to this some of the buttons does not work. Immediately try to clean, wet keyboard with a tissue or cloth and keep it in the air to dry. Keyboard Test

But often it happens that, due to water in the keyboard, some of the buttons are definitely bad. Button disorder is heterogeneous. For example, a button turns off completely. Some of the buttons starts the continuous yield. As a result, it becomes impossible to type something. Or some key stops subdued by extremely fast for a short period.PassMark KeyboardTest[adsense]

The falling water on board are several problems arise. Which keyboard button is correct, and what is bad these are not easy for the ordinary computer users. So if God forbid, ever faced with this problem, then You must have (PassMark KeyboardTest) application, which can be downloaded from the following link:

After installing the program, you have to choose the style of your keyboard, because there are different companies and different boards vary the position of the buttons on them. Usually resembles the Dell keyboard most of the boards. Thus, this program will easily provide a full report after examining your keyboard, which has been wrong with the button, or the keyboard right.

In this situation you can take yourself correctly, your own keyboard. This program is not free, but must be available for the 30-day trial. Because this is exactly the nature of time, and occasionally the face, so be aware of the program in such a situation suddenly proves quite useful.