Fringe Benefits Pay Scales Chart for WAPDA, PEPCO Employees

WAPDA established in 1958 as respective Electricity and Irrigation Department of the Provinces. In October 2007, it has been Separation into two obvious entities, i.e. WAPDA and Pakistan Electric Power Company (PEPCO) WAPDA. The Pakistan Water and Power Development Authority / Pakistan Electric Power Company (PEPCO) fringe benefits, pay scales and amendment in the Service Rules of Line Staff of its electricity employees working all over the country. Fringe Benefits for WAPDA, PEPCO EmployeesWAPDA is responsible for water and hydro power development, whereas PEPCO is vested with the responsibility of thermal power generation, transmission, distribution and billing.

Fringe Benefits Pay Scales Chart 2016-2017 is as under:[adsense]Fringe Benefits for WAPDA, PEPCO Employees