Install Dozens of Windows Software Just from One Click


Do you know that dozens of programs can be installed just one click? Installation of software using computer is a daily routine for us. Especially those who fix or repair the computers. They have to install dozens of programs daily on multiple computers, which is a very boring task. But if you want, this boring task can make it just interesting to change the task, “One Click”, but also save your valuable time.OneClick

OneClick! Installer 3 (Free):

Yes, this can be done, with the help of a great program (OneClick! Installer) that you can download from the following link:

This program shows hundreds of commonly-used programs without installation and install in the background without any unnecessary toolbars.

The programs you want to install for that, copy the “One Click Installer” folder to the “software” folder in the program directory.[adsense]

This program will start installing all the installers in the “Software” folder.

You will not have to do any next step and all the programs will be installed.