Best Manufacturers of Industrial Actuator

Best Manufacturers of Industrial Actuator

As in any other sphere of manufacturing, there are reputable and non-reputable linear actuator manufacturers. First ones are striving to provide its customers with only approved and tested goods. Their linear actuators are more likely were many times tested to reveal all possible construction defects and are characterized by their high-level quality. Second ones – more often are centered around the idea to make more money with less costly materials, for example using cheap metal alloys or unchecked motors for its electric linear actuators. Such negligence from the side of industrial actuator manufacturers can lead to serious industrial catastrophes in case of malfunction of such jitney automation mechanism.Best Manufacturers of Industrial Actuator

After mentioning the low-quality counterfeits many will ask “Are there any top-quality manufacturers of electric linear actuators?” And the answer is “Of course there are.” For example wholesaler and the industrial actuator system manufacturer based in the US, Progressive Automations deals with the improvement of linear movement technology and strives to protect its customers from sham products providing them only with the best linear movement controlling systems on the market of automation technologies. With over a decade of experience behind its back, Progressive Automations continue to make changes and improvements to the linear motion technology.

There are other linear actuator manufacturers like Tolomatic, Harmonic Drive, Intelligent Actuator, Venture Corporation, and others. Most of the products made by these companies are covered with warranties and can be easily customized due to the customers’ demands be it force, voltage, stroke length, feedback control or dimensions. They companies produce a wide range of different industrial electric actuator from the cheapest micro linear actuators to costly large-scale ones.

Such industrial leaders and worldwide known linear actuators manufacturers cooperate with not less known around the world companies who use their technologies in different spheres like space exploration (NASA), automobile industry (Mercedes-Benz, Caterpillar, Delta). Some of the above-mentioned companies are present at the linear motion automation market for more than sixty years already some not so long. But none of them shun to change their technologies with necessities and demands rapidly. These so-called dinosaurs of the linear automation industry despite years of practice do not consider their products suitable for every purpose. Therefore they continue to implement the newborn innovative technologies to an actuator manufacturing process.[adsense]Actuator

The affiliated companies of these famous brands have spread and work in a few continents having its customers almost in every country. Also, all of the companies provide a variety of linear actuators specifically for individual purposes of customer buyer. Frequently, an order can be made through the nearest distributor of linear actuators linked to the affiliated company and the specifications needed can be required and given to this distributor.

Some of the manufacturers maintain the sophisticated approach and their products are more oriented for serious industrial projects. But from times to times their products can also be used for small industrial requirements also. The spectrum of products made by electric linear actuators manufacturers ?ounts various types of actuators. Among them military, solar tracking, RV slide-out, space-oriented. There are also a variety of options when it comes to a choice of the voltage of the model of an actuator. It can be 12, 24, 36, 90, and 120 Volts.

Thus, when choosing the manufacturer of linear motion actuators it would be wise to take into account not only the reputation of the company but also the capability of the company to satisfy specific customer’s needs and find the logical approach to the solutions of a task. The specific technical requirement should be met to make the project work. Often, when dealing with professionals, it is possible to make them advise you the best solution for your demand.